8-Hour Diet?

Brought to you by the editors at Rodale (The Abs Diet), now comes the 8-Hour Diet.  I somehow received an email looking for volunteers to test out this diet for 6 weeks, so the results could be used as testimonials backing up the program.

I don’t normally fall into the fad diet trap.  I’m not capable of restricting myself, nor do I want to, simply because I love feeling satiated instead of weak, and I am paranoid about allowing my body to go without nourishment.  It’s just not safe.  Diet pills terrify me.  Even protein supplements and shakes make me raise an eyebrow, since so many are “engineered” in one way or another.

Having divulged all that, I felt okay about being a guinea pig in this case.  The premise:  you choose 8 hours (any 8 hours) of the day to eat whatever you want, however often you want, and you fast the remaining 16 hours; you also complete an 8-minute exercise program on your fasting days, before breaking the fast.

My group is only fasting 3 days of the week, but there are others fasting for 5 or 7 days.  The editors have given us tips to promote weight loss, like foods to strive for and those to avoid, but they insist that there are no restrictions.  Their hypothesis is that if we just modify the time during which we eat, we can eat just about anything and still maintain a healthy weight, focus, energy, etc.

I followed their recommendations on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this past week, fasting until 10am and again after 6pm.  It’s just been a week, so I haven’t noticed any major changes (though I’m not too concerned about losing much more weight), but I can say that the workouts are pretty low-intensity, so I have done three rounds instead of just the recommended two, and since my meals are being pushed together, I feel full all day long, to the point where I have to force myself to eat dinner.  I’ll be interested to see how the other groups are faring since they’ve got more days per week to follow.

This is something I could definitely follow, because anything that allows me to have whatever I want is okay by me.  The only drawback for me is that we get up so early in the morning and I’m used to having a very early breakfast.  I’m talking 630 wake-up call.  I could always change my 8 hours, but somehow having my “dinner” at 2pm just doesn’t work for me.  On Friday, I made a beach breakfast/brunch quinoa, based off this recipe.  I cooked the quinoa with water and rice milk and added sliced strawberries and blueberries to it, along with chopped almonds.  So Good!  Totally worth waiting until 10 for.

What do you think about this 8-hour deal?  Does it hold any promise?  I’ll be checking in over the next 5 weeks to give updates!


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