Food Review!

I’m back, at the end of a long, delicious weekend.  It’s not over, since tomorrow’s a holiday!  🙂  And, in the spirit of holidays, our neighbors have invited us for brunch:  crepes!  The guy spent two years living in France, so I guess he knows what he’s doing; the bonus is that he promised to attempt vegan crepes.  Let’s see how that goes…

Friday’s pizza and movie night went off without a hitch.  We watched Disney’s Chimpanzee, a documentary about–yep! you guessed it–chimpanzees.  It centers around a baby chimp named Oscar.  Very cute, but it didn’t capture Seba’s attention for long.

Saturday we went for our twice-monthly Costco run, where we picked up a couple new things.  Every now and then, I like to branch out.  Let me back up a few weeks.  The mister picked up veggie patties at Costco, made by Don Lee Farms.  I normally am anti-veggie-burgers, because they always taste like mush, and I much prefer my own.  I was really impressed with these, though.  First of all, they’re BIG.  Score!  They’re a little fragile.  I tried heating them a couple ways (since we don’t own a microwave): once in the skillet, where they got a little crispy on the outside, but still a little soft; and once in the toaster, where I had the same result, more or less.  The taste, for me, is out of this world, which is strange considering how little I enjoy mixing my veggies together in that fashion.  You really can’t beat ’em for the ingredients, which are obviously vegan, and gluten-free!  I enjoyed these plain, and I also had one as a half sandwich, piled high with veggies and dijon.  This week we made a new discovery in the open refrigerated cases, which is somewhere I don’t really bother to browse anymore, since I just assumed they are filled with sausages and various cheeses.  However, we discovered that Costco carries vegan stuffed grape leaves by a company called Frankly Fresh!  Oily, herby, savory grape leaves.  They are the perfect little snack.  Or dinner.  Or for all-day grazing, if you’re like me!  Finally, we bought rice noodles, otherwise known as mung bean thread.  I was hoping these would be like a Ramen-type noodle, but they are actually the clear, gelatinous noodle.  I don’t really know what I was thinking.  🙂  We made them tonight with some cabbage and veggies, along with a pickled fruit base from my neighbor.  I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s some type of Chinese fermented fruit, seasoned with garlic and sea salt.  Not bad!

Yesterday afternoon, while the family were napping, I made a huge batch of carrot cake pancakes (from the PPK) to munch on for this week’s breakfasts.  I used rice milk, whole wheat flour, and coconut oil.  And to add a little volume and sweetness (and cut back on the agave I used), I pureed an entire pear and threw it in.  Then I added extra water and got to work.  I don’t know how many I actually made, but I’d say I at least doubled the recipe.  The neighbors came drifting down the hall, telling me how amazing the place smelled, and they happily ate some of these fresh from the pan.  🙂  I ate a few of these this morning with pureed strawberries.  Oh, so tasty.

I had a little editing work to do this weekend, and was finishing that up this morning with a hot cup of coffee that wasn’t instant.  GLORY!  It rained off and on, so we went out to shop for a bike seat for the little guy, and the boys went for a quick ride to the park and back.  Seba’s so proud of his new helmet, and that he can ride on Papá’s big bike.  ❤

When they got back, we went out to the garden and I did Zuzka’s latest ZWOW workout.  Because I don’t have weights, I had to modify.  I did 5 push-ups at a decline instead of the thrusters, 20 Russian twists with a small cement block, and instead of the mile run at the end, I did stairs for 10 minutes.  Short and sweaty.  Pretty sure I’m gonna be paralyzed mañana.  :/

Any holiday plans?


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