Vegetarian Spanish Tortilla

Happy Thursday, all!

So, my neighbor and I came up with this brilliant plan to have a bi-monthly community dinner in our condo’s garden.  So far, it’s just been the two of us preparing any food (though other people have come to eat…), but hopefully it will start growing.  Each dinner will be themed, and this past Tuesday was supposed to be “Barbecue Americana” night.  Realizing it would just be the two of us and our kiddos, and eventually the mister once he was home from work, we decided to nix the barbecue idea.  She didn’t want to fire up the grill for veggies (or to deal with the prep of burgers for herself), and that was fine with me.

I couldn’t wait to make more of PCRM’s chickpea salad.  It’s just.  Awesome.  I just take out the fruit since I’m not big on sweet flavors in salad dishes, add whatever I have on hand, and gobble the heck out of it!  Confession:  I also made a Spanish tortilla.  No, this is nothing like the burrito or taco tortillas most of you are imagining.  It’s like a huge, thick omelet, only it’s left unfolded, and it has fried potato slices inside it.  I’ll give you the rundown, so if you’re hoping for a vegan recipe, I’m sorry, this isn’t it.  (I made this because my husband grew up with this, my small mister loves it, and we had just enough eggs and potatoes and not much else for our picnic.)

Here’s the nitty gritty:

Use 4 or 5 white or yellow potatoes to 5 eggs.  I actually used the fingerling potatoes this time around, and I used about 7 or 8 of those guys to 4 eggs.
You can obviously modify this slightly, depending on whether or not you enjoy dry or wet eggs. I used to eat them as dry as I could get them.  If you use a smaller ratio, you’ll want to cook this in a small pan, like I did.  When we use 5 or 6 eggs, we’ll use our medium pan.

You’ll slice the papas into thin (but not paper-thin) rounds and fry them until golden brown, though not crispy.  Set them aside.  Beat the eggs together with a little salt in a large bowl, and once they’re pretty well mixed, add the papas, coating them well with egg.  Thoroughly grease the pan with a thin coating of oil and set over medium heat.  Pour the egg-potato mixture into the pan, evening out all the papas so they’re fairly straight.  The mixture will be thick, so allow the egg to set most of the way through, because you’ll not be able to flip this with a spatula.  Once you think it’s fairly stable, CAREFULLY place a large heat-proof plate over the pan and flip it quickly. It’s important to be quick, otherwise the egg will run out and the tortilla is ruined.  (Trust me, I’ve done it several times.  :|)  Once you’ve successfully got the tortilla on the plate, quickly slide the runny side back into the pan.  A few of the papas may straggle behind, but push them under the tortilla as best you can so they have a chance to cook thoroughly.  Cook it until it’s at your preferred consistency.

If you don’t nail this on the first try, after a few attempts, you’ll very likely be a pro.  It’s important to have a sturdy hand and wrist so you don’t burn yourself, drop the plate or the pan, or do anything else that might cause this recipe to flop.  These are a major staple in Spain (obviously), and my mother-in-law often makes a couple at a time, one wet and one dry.  She also sometimes adds onions to the mixture (though they tasted too sweet to me when I used to eat them), and for the top, she usually sautes green pepper slices in a lot of olive oil to make a sort of dressing.

If any of you vegans are still reading, I have attempted to recreate this with tofu, but as of yet have been unsuccessful.  If you know of a similar recipe, please send it over!  And, I promise to be back soon with some fresh ideas I played around with earlier for next week’s garden party: Southern cookin’.


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