Weekend Recap

How was your weekend?  Good?  Ours, too!

Saturday morning the boys went off to the beach since I had an editing job to do and needed the quiet!  The university is back in session, which means I’ll very likely be editing once or twice a week for one of the professors, who is a non-native English speaker.  At least it gives me some grown-up responsibility, which makes me feel somewhat important.  🙂

The rest of Saturday was not too eventful.  Seba was still getting over whatever funk was in his system (and even still, he has a cough; I guess the long afternoon in the pool yesterday was not such a hot idea!), so we just took it easy.  The mister went out to dinner with some friends, and we spent time out in the garden with our neighbors, having some snacks and playing.

I skipped church on Saturday, hoping Seba would wake up feeling his very best on Sunday morning and go along with me then, but he was still hacking, so I went alone.  In the afternoon, we went to Ford Island, near Pearl Harbor, for an airshow.  No real planes, but there were some major remote control jets flying all around, and they even threw out candy bombs!  The hangar was open for us to look around at the old planes and helicopters inside, so Seba was really excited, and he passed out on the way home in the car.

Last night, as I said before, we hung out at the pool, and the water was perfect since the day was so hot.  Bliss 🙂

The other night, I made these potato pancakes for dinner.  I used fingerling potatoes, leftover hummus, a few seaweed flakes, and various spices, based off this recipe.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what all I added, because I just kind of threw in everything and mashed it together.  And then there was blanched asparagus with nutritional yeast.  Pretty yummy stuff!

Today’s lunch was a quinoa bowl with green beans and peas, topped with a basil-chive-tomato combination, inspired by Angela‘s idea!  I wish I stuck with the three-herb idea instead of throwing the tomato in, but it was still really good!  

We are currently on to nap number 2 for today, where even the first nap is a rarity, so it seems that I still have a sick boy on my hands.  I do, however, have plenty to get done while he’s out of commission, because my friend Shannon is coming for a visit in just over a month, and I tend to be a little, um, less tidy than she is.  🙂  Better get my caboose into high gear!

Enjoy your evening, and I hope I can get back here soon with more exciting and delicious finds!


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