The Zucchini Bowl

It’s been a while since we last spoke.  There hasn’t been much happening over this way, especially with the broken stroller.  But that’s been remedied as of this morning!  YAY!!!

I did borrow my neighbor’s stroller this week to walk to Goodwill, because we were in desperate need of bowls.  I broke another of my Chilean clay bowls from Pomaire, which is so disappointing.  I’ll have to wait who knows how long to get more!  I started out with two big ones and two smaller ones, and now we’re down to one of each.  We have managed to break all three of the bowls that came with our condo as well.  In my defense, they were already showing some major signs of wear (but they were from Mikasa, so it’s just been bad luck as far as dishes go around here!).  I found two Pier 1 bowls for 3 bucks, and they are a gorgeous blue-green color, and just the perfect size, so my heart is glad once again.

Things on the food front haven’t been too off-the-charts lately, but I’ve been making a few different oatmeal crumbles for the mornings.  The other day I made a farmer’s market sweet potato breakfast casserole.  They’re local white sweet potatoes, so they’re not as sweet as the typical Thanksgiving sweet potato, but it was pretty good.  I mashed it up, threw it with some oatmeal, and toasted a crumble topping on the stovetop.  I ground up a small handful of almonds and oats, and toasted them up with some butter, a little water, cinnamon, a little salt and stevia.  I warmed them until they were fragrant and crumbly, then threw them on the oats with some agave and chowed down.  This morning was strawberries mashed with some ground flaxseed and topped with the crumble mixture, to which I added a little carob.  I used extra ground oats for the topping instead of adding any to the fruit, and it was better than the other day.  In fact, the mister stole half my bowl.  :/

I’ve been so not creative as far as dinners and lunches are concerned.  I did a falafel salad this week–a long-lost favorite.  Last night we did spaghetti, and I topped mine with peas, garlic, oil, and basil.  I’m pretty sure there was an afternoon of pinto beans that I’d rather forget happened in there somewhere, too.  🙂

This afternoon, I shredded up some zucchini, onion, and garlic and sauteed it with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.  I topped it with chopped tomatoes and fresh basil.  I might have added about 8 spoonfuls of extra garlic powder to it, too.  It was the perfect balance of warmth and soupiness.  🙂

Seba wasn’t having it; he’s been a pretty sick kiddo for a couple days.  He woke up yesterday with a fever, and slept the majority of the day away, only waking up to ask for water.  He had a mandarin and a little fresh OJ, and passed out again.  So sad.  He was getting his mojo back today, but then the fever started climbing a little more, and he asked for pasta.  I gave him some with the strong garlic juice from my zucchini and a little hummus to thicken it up; you know, garlicky hummus works miracles when we’re sick!  It was like a vegan noodle soup.  He took two bites and asked for a smoothie instead, which he’d had for breakfast, so I gave him that, and he chugged it in two seconds flat.  And then he passed out again.

We had a pretty fun morning, though.  With one of my metal baking sheets, I wrote his name and some numbers with a dry erase marker, and we made playdoh letters and numbers!  We used the stuff I wrote out as a guide to mold the playdoh, but it was a little too much for him, so I molded them and he put them on top of the letters, kind of like a puzzle.

Then we made a physics experiment:  I used the playdoh for this as well, shaping it into a sphere, an egg shape, a cube, and a prism.  I let him roll them to see which one would roll the farthest.  The sphere obviously took the prize, but it was so much fun watching his little face light up when he realized he was a little scientist (just like Sid the Science Kid.  And his Papá.)

Do you get emotionally attached to things like dishes?  I’m already planning to buy a bigger suitcase for our next trip so I can load it up and bring home lots more stuff from Pomaire!


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