Sunny Saturday

Seba’s best friend is coming back to the island this afternoon!  He is going to be thrilled.  We better take all the toys back that we borrowed from her before she realizes we’ve been playing with them without her!

Last night’s pizza was pretty much a success.  Super delicious.  Soft and doughy.  And the asparagus was not too overpowering, which I was worried about.  So I sauteed the onions and garlic until I was salivating, and then I turned the heat off, threw the shaved asparagus on top of the other veggies, covered it, and let it steam for several minutes.  Then I baked the crust as usual, and after it was halfway
finished, I spread the sauce over it and added the veggies (including artichoke and kalamatas).  It was so
good I didn’t even bother with tahini this week.

The movie we chose was Rango.  I couldn’t get into it, so all I can tell you is that Rango is a
chameleon actor, who somehow ends up in a desert, and probably saves it from ruin.  I
honestly don’t know.

This morning, I went out for my run with a purpose: to meet the boys at the zoo.  They did a boys’ morning and took the bus, which is something I never take Seba to do.  He was so excited, he didn’t even try to follow me out the door. My run was about a 5-miler, and I was able to run along the Ala Wai Canal, which is so nice.  I haven’t done it for probably a year or better!  It was pretty sunny through most of it, but the sun finally relented after some time, and the clouds covered me the rest of the way.  It was a decent time, too, considering I stopped for a couple breathers.  For me, I’m happy to have gotten out at all, so an 11:22 pace is good.  🙂

The zoo was about as expected–we usually can’t get past the playground, so after some time there, Seba was already showing some signs of sleepiness.  The boys were still within their two-hour grace period, so they were able to catch the bus back for free.  Not a bad deal!  We didn’t have enough cash for my ticket home, and stopping at an ATM was a no-go for two reasons: one, it would have put them over the grace period; and two, we were in Waikiki so all the ATMs charge fees.  I decided that I could just walk home.

I took the route back along the canal, and I started seeing tons of huge jellyfish in the water!  I’d never noticed them in the canal before.  I stopped to watch them for a while, completely forgetting that I had the camera with me since I asked to carry the backpack home so I could have the water bottle, phone, and other necessities.  It was a pretty spectacular–albeit, hot–afternoon, and I ended up with 10 miles under my belt.  Can’t complain about that, even if it was half walking!  🙂

I came home and gobbled down the rest of the pizza, had a homemade pineapple-orange ice pop (I put a plastic Seba spoon in a chunk of banana to stand it up in a plastic cup, and pour pineapple orange juice over it, and let it freeze!), and I think I see an iced coffee in my future some time after Seba’s nap is over!  Enjoy the gorgeous afternoon/evening!

Question: What is your favorite spot in your neighborhood?


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