Playing With Fire

Yesterday was long.

As Seba and I were trying to find some trouble to get ourselves into in the morning, the mister suggested we pop over to his office for a lunch date.  The university has a kind of courtyard in between some of the buildings, and it’s got a few trucks dedicated to self-sustaining, vegetarian/vegan food.  My favorite one is called Da Spot.  Each day they’ll feature 3 or 4 entrees (2 or 3 being vegan!), each with salad and your choice of yellow or brown rice.  Needless to say, once he suggested we meet him, my heart was pretty set on going.

It needed to be a running day.  I just couldn’t handle staying inside or driving while it was so nice out, so Seba and I took off to the park to meet some of our playgroup mamas.  The run was about a mile and a half, and I thought I might or might not continue running once we left the playground.  The park is pretty much the middle point between home and the mister’s office.  The walk over was so worth the effort, though, because I got a huge plate of food–Tomato Basil Vegetables and Egyptian Curry–for Seba and I to share.  YUM.

It was about 1 in the afternoon when we headed out for home, the sun beating down directly overhead.  And it was about 1:02 in the afternoon before I realized that the stroller had a flat tire.  Awesome.  I had forgotten that I ran over a Mickey Mouse pin earlier in the week, and it had finally taken its toll.  I considered grabbing the bus, except that I didn’t have exact change, I had the huge stroller, Seba was falling asleep, and I have no idea where the bus stops are or what numbers would take me home.  No biggie.  I just fought the stroller for the three miles home.  It was pulling like crazy to one side, and thankfully, I didn’t topple over on the abhorrent sidewalks of Honolulu.

An hour later, we arrived home, dripping sweat, and Seba was still asleep, so I lugged the stroller up 32 stairs to my door.  With Seba still sleeping inside.  As soon as I inserted the key in the lock, he quietly woke up, took his second wind, and started bouncing off the walls. 🙂

Later in the evening, our neighbor friend told us about some fire dancers at Kaka’ako Park.  We packed a picnic, and, fully expecting to see a Polynesian show, we show up to an electric dance DJ pumping some loud music, and a bunch of people just out throwing fire batons and lighted ropes around.  There were some doing the hula hoop, and others juggling fireballs.  It was pretty darn fun to watch.  There was also a suspicious smoke smell in the air…

Other fun mentionables:  achiote.  My neighbor brought over some achiote, which I’ve heard of but didn’t know anything about.  It’s seeds are the annatto, and they’re used for coloring foods bright red.  Seba enjoyed painting the entire apartment with the seeds yesterday.  

We were also given a jabong, as they’re known over here.  I’m pretty sure it’s a pomelo, although it doesn’t taste exactly that way.  It’s a Chinese grapefruit of some kind.

And for tonight’s pizza and movie, I’m working on a shaved asparagus and artichoke pizza.  I saw some photos of it online, and since we have lots of both of the main ingredients, I’m hoping it works out.  I’ll be sure to report back my opinions!


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