Yesterday’s little picnic goodbye party for Seba’s friend (just going away on vacation, thankfully!) went off pretty well yesterday.  There were four young kids, a middle-aged kid, an 18-year old, and the rest of us moms and a nanny.

Our neighbor prepared local, grass-fed (from Molokai) beef burgers, which Seba happily gobbled up, along with soba noodles (dressed in lemon, sesame oil, nori, and whatever else she added…pretty much amazing!)  I was especially excited that the nori wasn’t totally offensive to me, because I desperately want to love it now that I’m a vegan.  There’s just something about that fishy, oceany taste that weirds me out.  I’m sorry.

Before the party, I did hill repeats for about half an hour or so.  It ended up being just a little less than a mile and a half total, but it was actually great since I can just go outside my door and run up and down where we live.  I enjoy hills, because I feel like they just kill me with very little effort, and they’re perfect when you’re short on time.

Then we and the kiddos hung out at the pool and munched on goodies, and after a long, emotional day without a nap, we took Seba to the park to ride his trike, and by the time we got home, he was dragging his feet and wouldn’t eat dinner; he slept, and slept hard.  Until about 3 or 4 this morning, when he decided to jump between us and start lavishing us with kisses and giggles.  It was a long night.  🙂

But, it’s just now lunch time and he’s already zonked, so I’m off to get some major cleaning accomplished.  Check out NoiseTrade today! I’m really enjoying my free download of the Kopecky Family Band.  I really like these kind of mellow, half-upbeat types of songs when I’m running.  The gym music and super uptempo remixes just rattle my head and make my runs miserable.  Enjoy your day!


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