Rainy Day Sunday

The hike didn’t go off as planned.  We’ve got rain so thick here that it was impossible to see the ocean this morning.  It’s turned into a perfect, sunny afternoon, but too late to head out for a long hike.  Seba’s also getting all snotty and gross, as boys will do, so we stayed home from church this morning and watched my old church in Florida online, and convenient enough, the sermon was about children.   I probably got more out of that than I would have, had I actually gone to the local service this morning.

The mister was able to tap into a Spanish TV stream online so we could watch the Olympics, since our cable company doesn’t support streaming it off the internet.  Have I ever mentioned we don’t have a TV?  Yeah.  So we’re catching up on some of the games we missed.  I love the Olympics!  While they were showing swimming, the lovely man I live with did the dishes and swept the floor, and then decided to head out for groceries with Seba and told me I wasn’t invited, so the day just keeps getting better and better.  🙂

Last night, our neighbors came up to visit for a while and we made a pizza, as a make-up session for Friday.  After the dough was kneaded and in the middle of rising, I realized we didn’t have onions or peppers, which are my two major staples.  So I changed things up a little–diced zucchini, kalamatas, garlic, and corn on top of tomato sauce, with kalamata hummus and tahini for dipping.  It was so delicious!

I think I somehow also missed posting about the crispy tofu recipe I tried last week from Vegan YumYum.  I used this recipe only to learn the method of making crispy tofu, so I just made my usual sauce, since I tend not to stray too far from what I love!  (Hello, there, dijon and tamari!) The tofu was pretty good, but next time I’ll drain it longer so it’s a little crispier.  I also used firm instead of extra firm, but it’s almost there, so I’ll definitely be making it again.  

If the day ends up staying so gorgeous, we’ll probably head to Kapiolani Park and get ourselves into trouble somehow!  Enjoy!


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