Last night was our get-together with my husband’s boss.  Just a little evening potluck at the beach, followed by the fireworks, shot off at the Hilton every. single. Friday.  It’s a good thing we were down the coast a little ways, because Seba’s not the biggest fireworks fan, but they weren’t too loud on our end.

The big gun and his wife brought some pizzas from Whole Foods, and some veggies and grapes; there was some herbed bread and hummus and turkey salad, and we brought chicken wings (a la the mister) and pita chips with a vegan sloppy joe mess to dip them into. I usually make the sloppy joes with bulgur or TVP, and add sauteed onion and garlic, tomato paste, tamari, dijon and whatever spices I feel like adding to give it a little heat.  I was out of bulgur and rarely ever have TVP on the shelf, but I ran across a recipe for pinto-quinoa sloppy joes. Basically you put the same stuff in it, only you mash the beans and cook the quinoa first, and throw them in at the end.  Heat it until it’s as thick as you like it, and enjoy.  I prefer the old way, but these weren’t too bad.  I think the beans really tone down the flavors of the spices, and it was more sweet than I’d have it, but definitely a great party dip for thick chips!  🙂

This morning I went out for a solo run.  I had an intended course that I rarely take in mind, but halfway down the crater (aka our condo), I changed my mind, so I ended up in the beach park.  I ran around Magic Island (a peninsula, actually), and then around Ala Moana Park, and was feeling amazing.  I went out at about 7 this morning, and it stayed pretty cloudy and a little windy.  And when I was about a mile or so from home, the floodgates of heaven opened upon me and really let me have it.  It was sensational.  I was actually getting chilly, but it totally energized me for the booger ahead!  I am so thankful for crosswalk signals, because there was no way I was coming straight up without a breather!  In total, it was only 6.13 miles, but the point is I felt so much better than I have in a long time, even though I’ve been going shorter distances.  Consecutive running days just don’t work for me, so I’ll try to keep that in mind for the future!  A lighter-than-usual breakfast probably helped also; I only had a banana and about 1/4 cup of orange juice, and then my bread and chai when I got home.

After I came home, we took Seba to the Children’s Discovery Center.  It’s in Kaka’ako Park, which was a landfill at one time, so the Center itself was an old rubbish processing factory of some kind.  There are three floors and five exhibits; the special exhibit was all about the Rainforest, so there was a waterfall and river where the kids could splash around and send toy animals into the rapids.  We went through a room all about the body, and then all about different parts of a city (post office, courthouse, fire station, etc.), and Seba drove every type of truck or car imaginable.  Upstairs was more Hawaii-themed, and there were rooms dedicated to the different countries that have had a major influence on the islands, like the Phillipines and Portugal, among several others.  Then we went through the museum a second and third time, and we parents were so worn out.  And hungry.  We stayed almost until closing time, so it was after 3 when we got home and finally had leftovers for lunch.  I took a “trail mix” to the museum just in case (Craisins, almonds, date pieces, and pepitas), and it was a good thing, since the cafe was cash-only!

Tomorrow the plan is to attempt the Ridge Trail that we so foolishly passed over last weekend! I hope to bring you many glorious photos!


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