A Day in My Life

Last night was a doozy!  Seba napped yesterday for the first time in about a week, and only for about an hour and a half, and he was going strong until just after 9 last night.  I was up reading until about 12:30, which is very late for me!  And at 3:30 this morning, a little boy came bouncing into the bedroom asking for water, and when the water was gone, he wanted to stay up and shoot the breeze.  Those are fun nights.

This morning we got out late to feed the humuhumu at the pier at Kapiolani Park, and then we walked over to the zoo.  As we were heading into the park, I saw a guy running, and realized a second too late who it was–Jason P. Lester, an endurance athlete who, as a child, was hit by a car and suffered myriad injuries, including a paralyzed arm.  Very inspiring story.  Here’s the best chance at a photo I could get:

The poor zoo animals haven’t seen us in a very long time, because every time we go to the zoo, we have to stop at the playground, and we usually don’t make it much farther than that.  My plan today helped slightly; we avoided the primates inside the entrance and went straight back to the keiki zoo.  (Keiki is the Hawaiian word for child.)  I strapped Seba in to the stroller so we didn’t get sucked in to the temptation of the playground, because playgrounds bring me so much anxiety, and when I saw the amount of big kids there today, I was so happy with my decision.
I love the keiki zoo for many reasons.  It’s semi-enclosed, so Seba is able to safely run free and see a lot of animals up close, not like the rest of the bigger, more aggressive zoo animals, who often hide.  The sheep and llama live together, next to the miniature horse and two zebu (type of cattle); Lani Moo the Cow lives in her own little encampment near several different types of chickens; the goats have a happy little garden with a walking trail, so kids are able to go in and play with them; and there are huge koi in a tank, which has a tunnel running through its middle, so the kids can crawl through and see the fish from the inside.  We spent most of our morning in the keiki zoo, before going out to the playground.  The big kids were really nice today, though, so I let Seba run wild.

When we got home, the plan was to make a quick lunch and lie down to catch up on rest, but our little neighbor from the first floor came padding up to the door and called through the windows, “Auntie April!  I wanna come in!”  Her mom followed shortly after and brought more collards from her garden, so we steamed them and enjoyed them for lunch with some leftover falafel.  We switched houses and went downstairs, but once those kiddos started bickering, we knew we better all separate and get some rest.  And then the typical toddler tantrum happened on my end, which I haven’t seen much of up to this point.  Kicking and screaming all the way up the stairs, and dramatically collapsing, telling me how he needs to be with his friend.  It didn’t take much to get him to sleep, though.  Aaaahhh, I hope the naps are back to stay for a while!

Tomorrow, instead of the usual pizza and movie night, we have a beach potluck with the boss man, so I’m trying to decide what we should take.  I was considering dessert of some kind, because that’s obviously the most important component of any meal, but I also want real vegan dinner food.  Maybe quinoa salad or something like hummus with pita chips.  Any ideas?

Here are some other photos from the day:
Quick description of each:

The pier at Kapiolani Park; view of Waikiki from the pier; spotted boxfish; humuhumunukunukuapua’a; black crab; another humuhumu; moorish idol


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