It’s been a few days since I’ve checked in.  We’re on day 4 or 5 of a no-nap marathon with the boy, so I’m lucky to get much done at all!  We’ve been out enjoying the sunshine, and that’s much more important than anything I could have written here, anyway!

I got some goodies at the market yesterday afternoon.  We were pretty overdue for a falafel night, so that’s what I had planned.  It turns out the guys had different plans.  The papá cooked up some saba fillet and fingerling potatoes, so my well intentioned meal went straight to my belly.  Mine, and no one else’s.  🙂

Regardless, I love coming home with this:  








…And turning it into this:

Brown rice, nutritional yeast, millet, rye flakes, quinoa, pepitas, falafel mix, and homemade carrot cake granola!

I recycle all the old glass jars we buy, and it’s therapeutic for me to refresh them when all the goodies run out.  It’s the simple things, I tell ya!  I keep the fresh bags in the fridge until the old stuff runs out, and then I use them up.  Our market is called Down to Earth, a small all-vegetarian shop near the university, and a few months back I discovered a new love there: date pieces in oat flour.  They’re exactly what they sound like–small chunks of dates rolled in oat flour–and they are a perfect, portable, toddler-friendly snack!  Brand new experience at yesterday’s visit:  pepitas!

Of course I’ve seen them around and heard about them here and there, but I’ve never purchased them just to snack on.  Yet, according to the blood type program, pepitas are supposed to be very beneficial to me.  I know I said I wasn’t putting much stock into this research, because I’d rather just eat what I know and love, and that’s still the case, but it can’t hurt to add new foods into the rotation.  I threw a few spoonfuls of these guys in the latest batch of bread, which hasn’t baked yet, but if it’s killer, I’ll post it.  🙂

This morning, Seba and I went on a slightly longer route to the park to meet his playgroup buddies, so it was about a 2.5-mile run.  Basically, that’s a roundabout way of saying I’ve kind of thrown my training program to the wayside, as predicted.  I just can’t push that kid for four or five miles, though by the time we walked back home, it was about 4 miles covered today.  🙂

Seba had a slight meltdown today, and I finally got him calm enough to figure out that he is now afraid of tractors.  There were a couple John Deeres out mowing the grass at the park today, and he wasn’t having that, strange as it is, since he has always loved those big machines. He insisted on just hanging out in his stroller, and he started to look pretty worn down, so we just took it easy this afternoon.  And we made mini pizzas!  …Followed by him helping me with the dishes, which didn’t actually help much, but I’m not turning down help with the chores!

Mini pizzas on corn tortillas, with bean puree, tomatoes, olives and nutritional yeast. (Cheese for Seba)

We went out for dinner because the mister was craving a good burger ever since his boss brought back lunch.  We went to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, a local malt shop-style burger place, where the beef contains no fillers and the patties are hand-pressed every day in-store.  It was a break from the routine for us, and a fun evening out.  My family were embarrassed of me taking photos of our food and the decor, so I refrained.  🙂  There was one veggie burger on the menu, but it was Morningstar, which contains egg whites.  I could have gotten a salad, but I wasn’t really in the mood.  I salivated over settled on a plate of fries.  So much for those pepitas, huh?

With the next hour of your life, go indulge in a treat for yourself so I’m not alone!



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