Another Hummus Recipe

It’s Sunday evening, and all’s well.  The boy has finally fallen asleep after a long afternoon of jumping and playing and splashing around in the pool!

This morning after church, we went to Kapiolani Park for the 42nd annual Ukulele Festival. Basically, a bunch of ukulele vendors were there selling their instruments, and different groups played under tents and at the bandstand.  There were food vendors, too, but we didn’t wanna hang out too long, because it was pretty warm and we were kind of itching to get back to the pool!  However, there was a bounce house.

Bounce houses in Hawaii are like icicles in Antarctica.  They are just a natural part of the landscape.  Every birthday party or event is on the beach, and there are bounce houses.  We, however, have never known enough kids to warrant renting one of these monstrosities, but lucky for us, the one from today was open to all the kiddos, and there was no line!  So Seba climbed inside and jumped his little heart out. When the monitors were telling the kids to clear out for the next group, Seba wouldn’t stop jumping.  The papá had to climb inside and chase him down.  That bug might be a little spoiled.

For lunch we made sandwiches with yet another gift from our neighbor–avocado!  The avocados in the store have been pretty questionable lately, but fortunately, my neighbor picked several avocados right off the tree and was kind enough to bring us one!  It was much bigger and more sweet than Haas, and it tasted delicious on whole wheat with veggies!

Later in the afternoon, as mentioned above, we went to the pool with a few of our neighbors, and afterwards, it was already time to start dinner.  The kiddo was getting pretty unruly, so we decided to feed him and try to get him to sleep a little earlier than usual!  I wanted to make stuffed tomatoes for dinner since it’s been forever since I’ve had them–my mother-in-law makes the best–but I really didn’t feel like baking since it was so warm, so I changed things up a little.

I chopped up some veggies:  onion, zucchini, mini peppers, and kale with a little garlic and pepper, and sauteed them until they were slightly golden in color.  Then I sliced a tomato (not too thin!) and heated it in the skillet, flipped the slices over, and topped them with the veggie mixture.  Not quite as delicious as they would have been stuffed, but still great.  We used to eat these pretty regularly, baked with cheese on top, so it gets nice and melty.  Since that’s no longer an option for me, I made pinto bean hummus and added nutritional yeast.  I’ll be honest.  It tasted more like refried beans than like hummus, but I’m more than okay with that!

Pinto Bean Hummus

You need:

3/4 cup cooked pintos
1 clove garlic
2 tsp lemon
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup water (more or less depending on your preferred consistency–mine was pretty thick)

Blend everything until it’s mixed well.

I’m going to keep this recipe in mind instead of black beans from now on for burrito nights. YUM!

I made some pretty ghetto ice pops this afternoon, too.  I don’t have molds, so I used some of Seba’s tiny food containers from when he was a baby.  I mixed a little orange juice with rice milk for a creamsicle-type flavor, and added sliced bananas.  When it was almost frozen through, I stuck a chop stick in it until it was frozen completely.  🙂  Classy.  Naturally, it fell straight to the floor not 30 seconds after I handed it over to Seba, but we were able to salvage most of it and eat it with a spoon.  There’s another one still in the freezer, too:  half the orange creamsicle mixture, and half melon lemonade (a few big chunks of canteloupe blended with a splash or two of lemon juice!).  Hopefully our track record improves and we’re able to keep it on the chopstick!  🙂

Enjoy the week, everyone!


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