The Huntress

Aloha friends!  It’s Friday, which means it’s that time again!  But before we talk about pizza, let’s talk about training.

I’m off my game.  Something’s got me, and it’s not quite right.  I feel sluggish and tired, and my stomach is kind of all over the place.  I felt nauseous on my short run the other day, and today has been more of the same.  Pregnancy, you ask?  Highly unlikely.

My friend brought me a book that covers an appropriate diet for people based on the different blood types (Eat Right 4 Your Type, by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo).  It makes complete sense, the way he breaks it all down, but I’m not sure I can put so much stock into it.  Interesting reading, for sure.  And depressing, considering just about everything I love is on my “avoid” list.  I’m a Type O, so I should be primarily basing my diet on lean animal protein, with very light dairy and grains. We are the hunters; since O is the oldest blood type, my ancestors relied heavily on intense physical activity and the foods mentioned above.  Obviously, there was no dairy to speak of for the first humans, but introducing a little at a time is supposed to be no big deal.

On my “avoid” list includes such delights as lentils, corn, avocado (gasp!), potato, black olives, melon, blackberry, black pepper, oranges, coffee and black tea.  Oh, and not to mention one of the most poisonous foods for Type Os–wheat gluten!  How could this be? Of course, broccoli, kale and spinach all promote weight loss for Type Os, which was great news.

I can’t help but think that maybe some of these symptoms stem from an intolerance of some kind, since I often combine these lethal-to-me ingredients, often several times a week.  Are any of you out there going through anything like this?  Any interesting anecdotes to share?  Please, let me know!  I might try experimenting with less gluten to see if any symptoms let up.  It’s funny that I have had these random bouts of not-so-terrible-but-not-at-my-peak occurrences after my pregnancy.  Must have been some major shifting happening there.  (Incidentally, I had a conversation some time ago with a Korean friend, and their culture believes that the way you care for yourself during pregnancy impacts the way your body reacts for the rest of your life; your body type and requirements completely change, so women are very conscious of themselves…)  Insights on this are welcomed!

Yesterday, Seba splashed around in the pool while I swam laps.  I aimed for 20 since I didn’t know how long he’d entertain himself.  I was able to get 50 in, which is pretty good, although our pool is small.  🙂  We then came inside to make sugar-free, gluten-free black bean brownies. I wasn’t crazy about them, but Seba scarfed them down.  They were way too sweet for my taste–the recipe called for dates, which I never have on hand, so I used prunes.  Next time I’ll cut them back by half and add more carob.  They’re edible, but they could have been better! To compensate that failure, I also threw some kale in to bake, with a little sesame oil, garlic, and sea salt.  Delicious.  I still prefer them with nutritional yeast, but these are probably going to be in our regular rotation, since the mister actually preferred these!  And Seba, like all weird kids, loved them, too.

After I was dressed for a run this morning and just couldn’t get my limbs to react, I had breakfast.  Gluten, of course!  And “Mexican” hot carob.  Rice milk, warmed with carob powder, cinnamon, and jaggery (unrefined sugar).  I didn’t measure, but I’d guess for one cup of rice milk, it’s about 1/4 cup carob powder, sprinkle or two of cinnamon, and about a spoonful of jaggery.  It was a nice shift from my green chai.












We had lunch in the park this afternoon. The boys picked up a baguette and jamón serrano to share, and I had an overloaded veggie sandwich from Safeway.  They had the olive tapenade, finally!  They’re almost always out.  😦  So we enjoyed watching the waves as we ate, and then we had cherries–on sale, so we saved over 13 bucks!!!–for dessert.  We have never, ever bought cherries, because I didn’t think I liked them all that much.  Whenever Seba visits his friend downstairs, she always has cherries, and he happily helps her much on them.  When I saw them this afternoon, I knew it was meant to be.  And let me tell you.  Cherries are so good! I might go grab a couple more bags and freeze them!  🙂

Now, for the important news.  Tonight’s pizza.  It’s still in progress, baking away in the oven.  It’s obviously veggie (with a cheese option for the boys, the younger of which is still napping!).  I sauteed onions, instead of using raw ones, and added some artichoke and kalamatas with some yellow pepper.  I was so tempted to make a black bean hummus as the sauce and put corn all over the pizza, but I just love those Mediterranean flavors on pizza.  If it ain’t broke…

And, naturally, I’ll be topping mine with tahini (which I blended with my wilting chives).

As long as Seba stays asleep, we’ll be watching Albert Nobbs, but I know nothing about it, so if he wakes up soon, I guess we’ll just have to take it from there.  Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “The Huntress

  1. I can’t imagine how a diet composed primarily of lean meats that eliminates healthy whole grains and certain vegetables could be good for anyone regardless of blood type. Lean meat is still high in cholesterol. Sounds like a leaner version of atkins, or a recipe for constipation & heart attacks :/

    • I was thinking the same thing. He included a lot of case studies, one of which was a Type O vegetarian with a host of problems, and she followed this plan and cured everything. Anyway, I love my veggies and grains, so I plan on continuing to do so!

      • Good on you. Vegan Ultrarunner Scott Jurek and my friend Annie at are both type O. I don’t think either of them need meat!

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