A New Era

So I’ve entered another age bracket, and I’m not upset or crying my eyes out.  I’m excited about it, actually!  And it was a simple but happy day, beginning with these:

Banana-Carob Pancakes with chunky strawberry puree.  (Confession:  I went to church Saturday night just so I could savor these lovelies in the morning!)  Yes, my photography skills could use a little help, but you get the gist.

The boys took me shopping in the afternoon.  We did a little bookstore browsing and a little clothes shopping, and I found nothing.  I plan on purchasing myself some huaraches soon, though!

Between rain showers, I took my cake to the pool, and our neighbor friends came out with a bowl of fruit and some green juice popsicles (frozen Odwalla) to celebrate.

Then I promptly got to work on dinner:  grilled zucchini and eggplant, and a huge bowl of pasta.  The sauce was a completely new experimentation, and thankfully it didn’t completely fail me, though I’d have preferred a tomato-based pasta bowl.  Mmmm.  Carbs. So, I steamed cauliflower and pureed it with garlic, dijon, nutritional yeast, and various herbs and spices.  Have you noticed a trend in my staple ingredients?  It wasn’t bad, but I threw some tamari in there for good measure.  Everything’s a little better with tamari, I’ve found.

After I had overindulged in dinner, I had this:

Carrot-Zucchini cake/bread.  This is the recipe my friend used to make me dessert at our barbecue a couple weekends ago, so I had to transcribe the measurements so I didn’t have to work in grams!  It didn’t quite measure up to hers, but it was definitely, exactly, perfectly delicious, and just what I was hoping for.

I just winged the recipe she gave me, because I didn’t have enough carrots, so I subbed the rest out with zucchini; I used a mixture of coconut oil and applesauce rather than canola; I made it entirely from whole wheat flour instead of using my friend’s recommendations of a whole wheat-spelt-white flour combo.

This morning, I had leftover pancakes, and lunch was a little different–a combo of couscous, lentils and chickpeas with a sweet and sour pineapple dressing, recipe coming soon!

My hip is still a little out of sorts, so I just did some yoga this morning and not much else, and I also woke up with a stiff neck and shoulders.  Aging is rough!  😉  Let’s hope I’m 100% back to good in the morning!


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