Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is near Kaneohe Bay, about half an hour or so from Town, and it’s situated at the base of the Ko’olaus, an impressive mountain range with sheer, jagged cliffs.  I’ll never get tired of seeing those green cliff faces–it literally takes my breath every time.  The gardens themselves are spread over a pretty large area, and there are two small galleries and a visitor’s center.

Camping and fishing in Hoomaluhia are both free, but you have to reserve your spot before you arrive, and you can’t camp more than once a month.  This is a nice break from living in Town because it’s peaceful, quiet, and serene.  We actually couldn’t see any other campers from our campsite, which was so nice, but there were a few drawbacks.  The gate closed early, so if you need to get out to get supplies, you’re only able to do it for about an hour in the late afternoon.  We had planned to get some groceries, and we did, but we had to high-tail it!  Another problem (or maybe not such a big deal for some of you) was the lack of light.  We stayed in October, and that’s winter, meaning the sun starts setting around 6.  So basically after that, it was so dark we couldn’t see anything.  At all.  And then it rains pretty much every day in the Ko’olaus, and we got more than our fair share that night, so maintaining a decent fire was a little, well, impossible!  The worst part about camping here is the mosquitoes.  Even with all the repellent we used, we still had them all over.

I don’t mean to sound like I hated every minute, because we really had a fun time.  It was Seba’s first camping experience, and he was a little nervous, but he was a trooper.  I’m just giving a head’s up in case anyone ever plans to follow in our footsteps! 🙂  Here are some highlights:


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