Pizza and a Movie

Tonight’s Pizza and a Movie was an adults-only party!  It was a no-nap kind of day over here for Sebastian, and after an afternoon playing with friends in the pool, he walked in the door, took off his trunks, and proceeded to fall asleep.  In the laundry basket.  Naked as a jaybird.

On days like this, we’re pretty secure in the fact that he’s not going to make it to dinner.  Thankfully he had a light snack of watermelon before he hit the pool.

Seba’s premature departure ensures two things:  we have a nice, mess-free, quiet dinner, and we don’t have to watch a cartoon movie! It’s my birthday weekend, so I chose Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for tonight’s big-screen feature.  And by big-screen, I mean my 15-inch laptop.  Who cares?  A mini Ewan McGregor is better than no Ewan McGregor at all!  I’m such a sucker for that accent.

Pizza was the standard veggie variety topped with pepperoncinis and tahini à la April.

Other news.  As predicted, yesterday after my 1.5-miler to the park, while walking back (along the quick route) home, I felt a pang in my right hip.  I always have issues when I run on consecutive days, and even doing these low miles, it’s happening again.  There were three back-to-back workouts this week.  I’m hoping after taking today to just rest and stretch, that tomorrow I’ll be able to get in my “long” run–a 4-miler.  If not, maybe I’ll just leave it for Sunday.  Or, I’ll do another cross-training day and adjust the schedule next week.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It usually hits me in the shins or the knees, but I’m wondering if maybe it has something to do with the way I’m pushing the stroller, because it’s probably throwing my natural form way off.  Somebody help!

Lots of exciting things happening around Honolulu this weekend, and tomorrow I’m hoping to hit the children’s art festival sponsored by the art museum; they’re supposed to have a lot of different art projects for the kiddos, and it’s always fun to make new art!  I love to buy actual canvases and let Seba go crazy on them.  Unique, personal artwork.  Love.

Anything fun happening where you are?



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