Sand and Sea Water

Today’s 3-miler.  Check.  

I love going out for morning runs, because by the end of a day with Seba, there’s just not much left in me.  And today, we went out early with el papá, so I was able to go out all by myself, which is something I don’t often do.  I left the boys on the beach, ran back toward the mountains, and looped around to the water, where I discovered my half-naked son covered in sand and sea water.

I just loaded a new summer album playlist that I got from NoiseTrade.  (If you don’t know about this yet, you need to visit the site right away.  You get an entire album free each day you visit.  Awesome!)  So, I barely felt my feet and it was a really quick 3.3 miles.  I’m definitely a slow runner, but I picked it up quite a bit today–10:27–which excites me to no end!  I see you 7-8-minute pacers out there, and I can’t even tell you how jealous I am.

Last night, if you’ll remember, I had no access to my car keys, which means no trunk access, where we keep the stroller.  And my running shoes.  Just an aside:  I’ve read it wears shoes faster if you leave them in a hot car regularly, but I’m guilty.  I also have had this pair for a year and a half.  Gasp.  The tread on all the rest of my running shoes have worn down to bare bones.  I’m in desperate shape these days.  As I was saying, el papá had the keys and it was already 6 and he wasn’t home yet, so I knew running would be out of the question, since I figured feeding my child dinner takes priority over my workouts.  Right?

My plan was to run the stairs of my building while Seba played in the garden.  He loves trying to find guavas, and it keeps him so busy this time of year, since it’s not actually guava season.  🙂 When we opened the door to head downstairs, the clouds parted and down came the rain. Our condo is at the top of an old crater, so we naturally get more rain up where we are compared with the beaches just a mile and a half away.  Living in Hawai’i, with it raining nearly every single day, we see rainbows–full (sometimes double!) rainbows–nearly every single day. Needless to say, Seba was rooted to his spot, admiring this gorgeous rainbow, when our neighbors (Seba’s BFF) popped over to offer us popsicles made from green juice.  How do you say no to spinach popsicles?

After the popsicles, dinner, brushing of teeth and tucking in was finished, it was 9 and that run was still looming over me.  So I went out and did 24 minutes of barefoot stair climbing and corridor running, which should have equated to at least two miles.  I hit a couple puddles and encountered lots of chilly wind, and only after I came inside and sat down did I realize I was literally dripping.  Isn’t that the best feeling?  🙂

I had the usual for breakfast:  two slices of homemade bread and green tea chai with rice milk. Lunch was an old favorite that’s been MIA for a while:  millet with veggies.  I intended on creating a kind of cold pasta salad-like flavor, but it didn’t really turn out that way.  Still very, very delicious, though!  I prepared the millet, leaving it a little watery and adding nutritional yeast, sea salt, pepper, and lots o’ garlic powder.  Then I just added chopped broccoli, peas, corn, and kalamata olives.  I forgot about the huge bag of mini peppers just hanging out in the fridge.  😦  A splash of olive oil and a couple spoonfuls of cider vinegar later and it was bon appétite for moi!

For lack of props, I’m using Seba’s artwork instead!

I’m excited to attempt vegan kimchi this afternoon if we have time.  I found a great-looking recipe that I’ll share with you soon!


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