I’m still feeling a little out of sorts, but had planned to take Seba for a run this morning.  That hasn’t happened so far, because when we were ready to head out the door, I realized a certain handsome fellow grabbed the keys and took them to work with him by accident.  Awesome.  🙂

We stayed in and baked some bread since we’re out, played with blocks and made a huge mess, and we’re perfectly okay with that!  We also snuck in a quick BodyRock workout, which I’m sure my neighbor downstairs appreciated.  Now it’s nap time for the boy and a little recuperation time for me.

Once again, it’s been drizzling on and off today, but it looks pretty stinkin’ gorgeous out there now, so I’ll be excited to hopefully get out a little tonight, even if it’s just to get that 2 miles in!

Breakfast this morning was half a banana, a piece of toast with carob chia spread (a little milk, carob powder, 1 stevia packet, and a tablespoon of chia seeds, left overnight to thicken), and a quickie version of chai green tea (green tea steeped in milk with a little vanilla and cinnamon).  For lunch we did more lentil burgers.  I actually stuck mine in the toaster since I had a few frozen ones, and it was perfect with a thin smothering of dijon.  Seba’s huge on appetizers and finger foods, because he can go crazy and not worry too much about utensils.  Bonus for me!  So I sliced several kalamata olives (his favorite thing in the world!), diced up some tomato, a couple chunks of mozzarella, and we shared some leftover steamed broccoli.  He also grabbed a cold lentil burger right out of our container and ate it!  Why ruin a perfectly good veggie patty with heat and condiments, right?  Um, yeah.

I just realized that my usual whole wheat-rye loaf does not have molasses in it, so I might have to reevaluate the entire meaning of my existence.  On the other hand, maybe it doesn’t make such a huge difference.  Time will tell.  The second bread I attempted was a slightly adapted version of cranberry-orange bread from The Picky Vegan.

Rather than using all-purpose flour, I used half oat flour (just ground up some regular oats in the Bullet!), and half whole wheat.  I also made it sugar-free by substituting with prunes.  Yes, I understand that dates are the big sweetener, but dates are not something I typically have on hand, so I just threw about 6 or 7 prunes into the Bullet with a little water and dumped them into the mix.  I didn’t add the walnuts, and I used olive oil, though that was a silly mistake since I have coconut oil staring me in the face.  Nothing tastes too out of place, though, so I’m really pleased with the outcome!  It’s not too sweet, but I enjoy the toned-down version, especially since it’s more a breakfast than a dessert.

I’m hoping to update a couple of my pages over the next few days, mainly my Hawai’i page!  Slowly but surely!  😉


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