Smoothie Challenge Day 2

Confession Time.  I bailed on the smoothie challenge.  After deliberations and several moments of weakness, I called 24 hours good enough.  Why?  

I can honestly report that I wasn’t hungry, but I definitely wasn’t feeling satisfied, and I feel there are factors that would far outweigh the benefits of doing a 3-day smoothie fast for me at this time.  Mainly sustenance.  I agree that the recipes used are perfect in getting me a majority of what I need from my daily intake.  Having said that, I didn’t feel responsible functioning off that and that alone if I’m planning to run several miles this week.  Okay, I’m only scheduled to run 2 miles tomorrow, so I’m sure I’d survive, but I need my carbs and more protein than what I was taking in!

I’ll accept blame for assuming I wouldn’t need all the information up front and just kind of winging this challenge without much preparation.  If I do this again, which is likely, I’ll make sure to have better research under my belt before starting.  In all fairness, the preparation emails I’ve been getting the last two days haven’t really given me much in the way of nutritional information, but rather motivational pep talks; both are great, but the nutrition is what I’m concerned about.  I know my body, and how it best functions, and at the end of last night, I knew that relying solely on smoothies to get me through just wasn’t going to cut it.

I mentioned not being hungry, and that’s certainly true; I have two half-full glasses of smoothie still sitting in the fridge.  Last night, I mixed up some watermelon, canteloupe, and romaine with basil.  It was super sweet, and just left me feeling kind of, bleh.  This morning I wasn’t feeling up to par, so I broke the fast with two small pieces of my whole wheat bread.  I ended up feeling worse for part of the morning, and my stomach’s been feeling a little sensitive all day. I don’t know if I had some preexisting issues, or if that feeling was just me going through the initial stages of detox, but I just haven’t felt quite right for several hours.  I imagine it’s probably a combination of both.  I typically don’t consume that much fruit in a day, and the sugars, natural as they may be, were making me literally sick to my stomach.  I’m notorious for psyching myself out, though, and probably just the thought of me not getting everything I need was enough to set the paranoia aflame, making me feel weak and unsatisfied.

Twenty-four hours is hardly capable of leading me to conclude much about a program like the 3-day smoothie challenge, but I’ll likely continue experimenting with different greens on a semi-regular basis, though you might remember my mentioning in an earlier post that I’m not as much into smoothies as I’m into juices.  Maybe I should start there next time.

Lunch was a homemade lentil burger with avocado, onion, tomato and sauerkraut, and some granola for dessert.  For dinner, I shredded up some zucchini, tossed it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and heated it up with a little tamari.  It was so delicious!  I ate it with some steamed broccoli covered in nooch, and a couple “egg”rolls.  I think I’ll have to cover those in a post, soon!  They never fail to be AMAZING:


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