Smoothie Challenge Day 1

It’s Day 1 of the Smoothie Challenge, where I am consuming nothing but three square smoothies a day and water for three days.  I am currently two smoothies down, with 7 left to go until this nightmare life-altering experience is over.  I jest.  It’s not been terrible, and I’ve not had any major hiccups.

What I’m drinking.  Breakfast:  Fruity blend of strawberries, blueberries, and banana with two huge collard leaves.  Very tasty, though I wish my big blender was still functioning, because I’m having to rely on the Magic Bullet, so I’m getting some gritty greenies as I slurp, but I can deal.  Lunch:  I blended only veggies for a “soup” smoothie.  I was not keen on the taste of this, so next time I plan on adding a little garlic and maybe a pinch of sea salt or another spice to round it out.  I used 1/2 tomato, 2 slices onion, just over 1/2 a zucchini, almost half a patch of romaine, 5 baby carrots, and 1 mini yellow sweet pepper.  The taste itself was exactly what I was hoping for, but the texture was something I just couldn’t enjoy.  My poor Magic Bullet can’t handle all the abuse I’ve put it through over the last year and a half!  (I am still loyal to my Bullet, though!)  But, that would have made one heck of a salad, right?  At least I was full.  Unfortunately, we were out where I couldn’t adjust it.  For dinner, I’m planning to drink the rest of my lunch and then blend some cantaloupe and watermelon with some spinach and basil.  And I might throw in some chia seeds if I’m feeling frisky.  I just want to go to bed on a happy note.  🙂

How I’m feeling.  Relatively upbeat and excited to see how things are going to look at the end of Day 3.  And I could use a nap, but that’s kind of typical for this time of day. 😉

Hunger rating.  On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d say I was low on hunger, maybe somewhere around a 3.  I had an early breakfast this morning before church, because I definitely wasn’t carrying that offensive-looking jug into worship with me!  So, I was completely fine until we got home around 10:30, and I started the preparations for my lunch smoothie at that time, since we had beach plans.  I ended up leaving the smoothie in the car while we walked, and we ended up staying on the far end of the beach, so I didn’t get to “lunch” until about 2:30.  Thankfully, I brought the water with me as a filler.

Bathroom stops.  No significant mentions here 🙂  I expect it to hit me after a workout!

Other notable mentions.  Even though I was pretty darn hungry earlier since I waited to have my lunch smoothie until so late, I couldn’t even finish it.  I was pretty full.  That’s a refreshing thought.  This challenge has a prep period–a few days of emails about how this is all supposed to work.  I sort of just started this, skipping all that pre-reading stuff, and I realized that I may very well pass out during one of my runs this week for lack of proteins and carbohydrates.  Those issues are supposed to be covered during the next couple of days.  This challenge doesn’t include nuts, and they haven’t given vegetable suggestions, other than a couple veggie smoothies they gave as lunch or dinner options.  But I saw no hint of even a bean!  So, after having a highly disappointing lunch, I opted to make an additional pea smoothie.  One cup of peas with a pinch of salt, blended.  I guess technically legumes are fruits, too, and I plan on chugging down more greens for dinner.  This smoothie is like heaven!  Is this cheating?  Methinks not.

If you are participating in this challenge, or if you have an amazing green smoothie recipe, please send it my way!  I’m needing some support!


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