Smoothie Challenge

I’m excited to announce that beginning tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a 3-day Green Smoothie Challenge, hosted by raw foodie and mom Tera Warner!  It’s completely free, and if you’d like to participate or if you want all the details, you can find them here.

This is a challenge you can start at any time, and you have a few days of prep and a few days of followup.  I’m obviously vegan, and have no qualms about jumping right into a raw or veggie- and fruit-based program, but if you do, please take this one step at a time!

While I foresee so many benefits to a challenge like this one, I imagine there are going to be some drawbacks, too, but it’s only 3 days, right?  My hypotheses–I use high-tech, intelligent-sounding words for my scientist husband–are listed below:

  • I expect to feel lighter, but not necessarily with more energy.
  • I expect to drop a few pounds.
  • I expect my hair and skin to become the stuff of commercial lore.
  • I expect to feel hungry.
  • I expect to miss coffee, though technically, coffee is a fruit, so maybe all systems are go?  Okay, okay, coffee is not exactly raw, so I’ll go without for a few days.  I drink decaf anyway, so I won’t miss the caffeine, but I’ll miss my warm cup of sunshine in the mornings!
  • I expect to have better breath, more naturally (I’m an obsessive tooth-brusher!), especially if there is an absence of coffee.  😉
  • I expect to never leave the toilet.  I’m ladylike.

I’m excited for this challenge, and will try to remain optimistic, but I do love the appeal of different textures and colors as I eat, so I will miss that, for sure!  If anyone decides to join in this challenge as well, please drop a line and let me know how it’s going for you!


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