Barbecue Recap

To say that tonight’s barbecue was too much is a little of an understatement.  I was impressed how much trouble our friends went to to make sure we vegans were taken care of!  (I was one of two tonight!)

Our friends are house-sitting for one of the bosses they work for, so the place was a new-to-us cozy little cottage in Mānoa.  A smallish, but very homey little place with a simple yard, and a lanai specially designed for entertaining.  Once the sun set, we turned on the Christmas lights that wrapped around the roof of the lanai, much to Seba’s delight.  He kept talking about Christmas, and I’m pretty sure he was expecting presents.  🙂

Vegan plates of interest:  lettuce wraps with potato-couscous balls and chives, fresh raw veggie sticks, hummus, vegan chipotle black bean burgers, chips, and the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted, vegan or otherwise.  I die.  No, really.  Carrot cake is my absolute favorite cake in the world, and I’ve tasted many, and this one was perfect, even without icing.  The recipe is in German but I’m bribing the hostess to transcribe all the measurements for me so I can steal that sucker and make it at least once a week!  🙂

Of course, this was only the tip of the iceberg compared to the insane amounts of fish, pork, and chicken they had!  And there was tzatziki.  That is something I used to make regularly, and have since veganized, but it’s not something I really go for anymore.  If you’re interested, though, you can basically puree some silken tofu with a little lemon juice and substitute that for the yogurt required in regular tzatziki recipes.  So, it’s going to be tofu, cucumber, garlic, and a little salt.  Maybe an extra splash or two of lemon.  It’s so refreshing with crisp, cold veggies!

All was going without incident until Seba somehow toppled off the chair face-first onto the concrete floor.  The chairs were pretty high, and he was super pumped from playing “tennis” with one of our friends, so I guess he was just a little too bouncy.  I saw him start to take a tumble, but there was nothing I could do and no way to catch him.  It’s one of those helpless moments we as parents will just continue to experience.  He only cried for a few minutes, and more out of embarrassment, I think, than anything else, but he rubbed his nose for a couple minutes.  I didn’t see any immediate signs of trauma, but sure enough, as the night wore on, he was pretty swollen and red, but he’s not complained, so we’re just leaving him alone about it.  I tend to be overanxious, but with him I try to blow most things off so he doesn’t freak out every time something happens.  I know my boy, and he’s pretty much a rough-and-tumbler, so no use getting all worked up if there’s no need!  (There was some major facial trauma a few months back, where he fractured both of his front teeth.  Fortunately, they worked themselves out and no surgery was required.)  Two years down, and many, many more to go, God willing.  🙂

It’s getting late and I’m pretty whipped.  I missed church tonight for the barbecue, so it’s an early morning for us.  I got a little prep done for my smoothie challenge starting tomorrow morning!  I’ll definitely be sounding off about it over the next few days!
Until then, here are a couple photos from tonight:


Not even half the food!


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