4th of July

Seba’s Flag

Happy Fourth, friends!  Ours has been pretty quiet over here.  I headed out about 7:30 for an almost-5-miler, so I’m ahead of schedule for my training!  These last few weeks have been pretty normal as far as what I’m used to, but I’ve done the higher mileages before, so I know I can get back there!  🙂  Here’s hoping!

When I came huffing and puffing straight up the last incline, I heard the boys playing in the pool, so after chugging half a gallon of agua, I jumped right in there with them.  It was so cold! We usually hit the pool later in the day, after the sun’s been warming it for several hours.  But any time before 9, that sucker is frigid!  I have to say it felt pretty amazing after my workout, though.

So, the barbecue we attempted to plan last-minute was not to be, but we had a happy little lunch here at home, and I suspect that tonight we’ll just watch the fireworks from the lanai.  We got a little pre-game show last night to kick things off.  Last year, we saw three shows at once from our lanai, so it’s totally worth staying in, especially now that Seba kind of freaks out over the noise.

I wish I had some exciting recipes to post, although for most of you, the day is nearly over. Yesterday, I made lentil burgers, but they aren’t exactly perfect, so I’d hate to post the recipe. Here are the basics, though:  lentils, cauliflower, onion, brown rice, oats, corn flour, tamari, garlic, and other various Indian spices.  I also added some sage to these, and it was really nice, sort of like Thanksgiving stuffing burgers!  Mine was bread-free, but I loaded that bad boy down with some dijon, onions, avocado, and homemade sauerkraut!  Everything’s better with any of those ingredients!

To complement the burgers, I just steamed some broccoli (and sprinkled it with nooch) and corn.  For dessert, I made some oatmeal raisin/craisin cookies (also not officially post-able).  For those, I included the oats, dried fruits, applesauce, 1/2 a mashed banana, and a few other things, but they just didn’t come out well.  Gotta keep working out the kinks for now.  To reconcile the cookie failure, Seba and I shared a bowl of blueberries!

He’s crashed out now.  I nursed him constantly until just after his 2nd birthday a few months back, so the naps are still tough without the leche.  On really tough days, my secret weapon is Hulu documentaries while we cuddle, and it gets him most days, today being one.  It almost got me today, too.  🙂  Today’s documentary of choice was about a team from the North Face doing an expedition in Guyana, through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”.  We’re definitely going to finish that one later!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday!


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