Weekend Recap and Kuaokala Trail!

Whew.  It was quite a weekend!  We checked out the Friends of the Library Book Sale on Friday and racked up some pretty good steals, mostly for Seba.  I actually didn’t pick up ANYTHING, which raised some suspicions from the boys for two reasons:  1. I love books, and 2. I love cheap, recycled, and repurposed stuff!

Saturday we went out first thing to Kapi’olani Park for a run.  I had planned to make it a 6-miler to make up for my lack of mileage this week, but something just hasn’t felt right the last few days.  So, we turned out a 4.5-mile loop, which is our normal run, but I walked some of it.  Afterward, it was Seba’s turn to run, and we had some leftovers that we decided to take to the birds and the fish.  Kapi’olani Park has a pier where Seba and I frequently walk to watch the fish and feed them goodies.  We’ve seen an eel, moorish idols, tilapia, parrotfish, and our favorite, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Hawai’i’s state fish.  They’re really beautiful, and they’re so fun to watch.  Then the pigeons and other various birds come after our food, landing on or hovering around us and eating crumbs right out of our hands.  Once we’d had enough sun and sand, we headed home for a very frustrating, no-nap afternoon, followed by a desperate outing to our neighbor’s house for a change of scenery.  Seba and his friend worked on some playdoh, and we older girls sipped blackberry basil smoothies (Easy!  Blackberries.  Basil.  Sweetener of choice.  Blend!)  My Bug came home so worn out he put himself to sleep in his KidCo tent, which was pretty entertaining!

This morning, we woke up and had a lovely pancake breakfast (plain, carob, and blueberry-carob!) to prepare for a hike we planned with some friends.  Just a side note:  when you’re in Hawai’i, you’ve pretty much got to channel your inner Jack Johnson and have some delicious banana pancakes!  And nothing will ever, ever beat these pancakes from Marcus Samuelsson!  We have made these many a weekend and have never been disappointed.  You can use this recipe for a base for pretty much any flavor (or plain!) pancake you like, but the banana makes them pretty sweet, so depending on your choices, you’ll probably just add a little extra sweetener.  Incidentally, Chef Samuelsson was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air, and I can’t wait to listen to it!  He’s got a pretty incredible story, so if you’re interested, you can listen to the show as well.

Our hike commenced around 9:30 near the Ka’ena Point Satellite Tracking Station.  Our friends had obtained a permit to park up there, so we drove through a security gate and up–way up–near the station itself, where the trailhead is located.  Of the few trails here, we followed a shorter one called Kuaokala Trail, about 5 miles round-trip.  Thankfully, there were climbs and dips throughout, so it wasn’t just a straight up, straight down kind of thing.  I welcome those straights and dips, personally!  😉  We have a Kelty hiking carrier to tote the Bug around, so he was no big deal.  Here are some of the highlights!

These are granola energy balls, courtesy of No Meat Athlete! I looked over a few of their recipes and threw these easy, delicious, garbanzo-based treats together in no time! They’re perfect for a half-day hike!


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