Let’s have a little fun with carob today!

It was my husband’s birthday today, so I did what any doting wife would do.  I baked a cake. Two layers of ooey, gooey, carob-y goodness filled with homemade buttered caramel sauce.  And because the oven was already hot, I made a small batch of lemon chia muffins, but they ended up like gigantic gumdrops instead of like muffins.  So we’re only going to talk about the former.

The first year I visited Chile, I spent my 25th birthday there.  My husband’s birthday is just over two weeks before mine, and when there wasn’t much of a to-do over his party, I felt relieved that there wouldn’t be any hubbub over mine.  Turns out his mom likes entertaining and celebrating birthdays.  It was pretty tame in the end, actually, because my in-laws were leaving to go out of town that very day, but what I didn’t realize was that my mother-in-law woke up extremely early to bake me a cake before their departure.  A sweet gesture indeed, especially when I thought I wouldn’t have to share much of my cake.  Then my sister-in-law, her husband, and their 5 kids at the time called to tell me they wanted to host a lunch celebration in my honor.  So much for hoarding my cake!  😉

Anyway, my cake wasn’t carob.  It wasn’t even chocolate.  It was a homemade white cake with cream instead of frosting, and it was layered with manjar.  Manjar is the Chilean version of dulce de leche, a sweet, sugary, caramel-like sauce eaten on everything and served everywhere. Who needs a spoonful of sugar anyway, Mary Poppins?

So, obviously this doesn’t work for vegans, but I wanted el papá’s cake to be extra special this year, so I worked on a little concoction of my own, using butter and a little milk to make a thick, creamy base, and adding jaggery, an Indian unrefined sugar block.  I knew it would probably thicken up as it cooled, but I dumped a ton more brown sugar into the heat anyway, so the end result was a solid, crystallized mound.  The flavor was not unlike caramel corn with the consistency of fudge, but in my opinion, the calories and cavities to be far outweigh the just-okay taste, so I’m opting not to post a recipe for this one.  But, feel free to use the description as a guide and bake away!  My recommendation for this carob cake is to layer it with homemade raspberry jam!  That would be so delicious!

Some fun facts about carob:

  • It’s a chocolate alternative
  • It’s low-fat, low-calorie, and caffeine-free
  • It’s related to peas


I don’t take any credit at all for this cake, since I followed the following recipe to the letter, times two:…that-happens-to-be/

We had some for the birthday, then for breakfast, then for dessert after today’s lunch.  And, I imagine we’ll have it after pizza night, whether or not we are full!  🙂  Have a great night!


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