Covering Old Ground

I run.  Slowly, but steadily.  And while I may never be the fastest or most graceful runner, I do it because it gets me through the night.  Running provides a release of all the tensions that mount up on my back as a stay-at-home mother and domestic goddess.  I will never say it’s easy; the hardest thing for me to do is get myself out the door, especially when I know that I will be pushing Seba in the stroller.  In fact, most days I prefer to run alone, since that’s pretty much the only private time I ever have.

When I was training for my half, I spent the week psyching myself up for my weekend long runs.  I’d make new playlists, read running-related and other inspirational articles, watch YouTube clips of races, review my recent run times, you name it.  And come Saturday morning, as soon as the sun started rising, I’d be running through Kapiolani Park, over the oh-so-dreaded Diamond Head Road, through the gorgeous Kahala neighborhoods, and back.

Yes, it absolutely took me forever to run ten miles.  But that two hours carried me through the week and I was motivated because I knew that come November, I’d be running Val Nolasco.  And run it, I did.

After recuperating from that event, I steadily declined my mileage, and for several months, I’ve just been going out for a quick jaunt here or there.  I have a pretty competitive nature, but without registering in an event, I tend to slack off.  But I aspire to become a marathoner.  Okay, I’d love to run just one.  So, I’m hoping I can stick to a semi-regular training schedule, and when the right race comes along, I’d love to jump in and never look back.

Without a race in mind (I’d never be ready for the Honolulu Marathon this year, but am considering the North Shore Marathon?), I chose Hal Higdon’s Novice Supreme program as a training guide, just to get a good solid base for when it’s time to train seriously.  It’s 30 weeks–plenty of time to build up mileage–so it seems reasonable.  Check it out here.

The only problem I can foresee is the fact that it’s running three days back to back, which has never been easy on my shins.  This week, I ran Monday, rested Tuesday, ran Wednesday, and today I went barefoot to my garden and did stairs, ski jumps, high knees, boxer skips, and jogging in place for 20 minutes.  I added push-ups and ab work to mix it up a little bit.  That 20 minutes should have been roughly equivalent to a mile and a half based on my time pushing the stroller.  (I’m slightly faster without it, so I’m just hoping it helps with the speed in the end).  For now, I’m thinking I may substitute mileage one day each week for a timed run in the sand.  It’s tougher, but I can run barefoot and it’s slightly lower impact on the knees and shins, but it kills the calves!  If that’s still too much, I’ll substitute water jogging.

I have yet to get Vibrams, but I’m planning on ordering some huaraches from very soon!  It would be interesting to get some opinions from folks out there who’ve tried them!  In the meantime, here’s a photo of my stomping ground!


The mountain in the distance is an extinct crater called “Diamond Head,” one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Most of our runs are there, or around Ala Moana, where this picture was taken. I’m in love!


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