Desi Love

Honolulu has been pretty wet and chilly these last few days.  Some mornings, we enjoy a quick swim before the mister runs off to the office.  Not today.  We had good intentions, and we were packed up and heading out around 730, but by the time we drove through the park and saw the small torrential clusters moving across the ocean, we knew it just wasn’t going to happen today.

What’s worse?  Tuesdays are playgroup days.  Outside.  Yeah, I don’t have to tell you that that didn’t happen, either.  So, Seba and I came home and did our “schoolwork,” which, for my two-year old, means the following:

  • Calendar:  We devised a little system consisting of three columns.  One for the day, one for the month, and one for the date.  Each day we change each column and count the amount of days that have passed in the month.  Today, we counted up to 20.  Then we sing some calendar songs.
  • Map Reading:  Our family continues to spread across the globe, so I thought it was important for Seba to start learning where everyone is.  We’re getting there, and he continues to impress me with how much he remembers.
  • Practicing Letters:  He recognizes each letter of the alphabet, so on the days when his attention still has a little elastic to it, we practice “writing” them, with his magnetic refrigerator letters as a guide.

Can you tell I used to teach preschool?  😉

So, this weather conundrum.  It has sparked an onset of winter comfort foods.  A little stick-to-your-ribs, find-your-happy-place kind of food.  Comfort foods here in Hawaii are basically either Japanese or local grinds (e.g., kalua pork barbecue, lau lau, poi, huli huli chicken).  Poi is vegan-friendly, but not especially delicious, and a far cry from “comfortable” in my opinion.  I’m a Kentucky girl, so we Southerners typically enjoy fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and other staples, heavy on the butter and gravy.  Nope, not for me, either.  Indian is the way to go for me and mine.

I loosely followed Jenna‘s recipe for channa masala.

(Here’s hoping my photography skills improve soon!)

I thought I was only cooking for myself and the little guy, but naturally, once the smell wafted through our place, the older guy was anxious for a little Desi love, too.  I used just one can of garbanzos, but I still kept the entire onion and two fat cloves of garlic because I don’t mind smelling offensive.  I had no jalapeños, and hardly any individual spices.  I had a generic curry spice, but I pretty much think using it would be sacrilegious.  What I substituted was not much better.  But I do really love Shah brand spices, and I went with their kofta spice.  I’m sorry.  I did it, and I won’t apologize for it.  Having said that, I have made Jenna’s recipe before using her specific ingredients, and there’s nothing  better, or more comfort-promoting, than this channa masala.  Eat up!


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