Happy Colon

A word, if I may, ladies and gents. If you want to amp up your running program, I suggest you add weight. Perhaps a small child and a bulky stroller? That was my brilliant plan this morning. Of course, the beach was gorgeous, and I ran along the coastline and back instead of completely around the park as I usually do. I thought I’d covered about the same distance, 3 miles, but apparently I cut nearly half a mile off going that route. Not that I could have finished that extra half mile anyway.

We have an InStep stroller, which we love and have worn down to bare bones over these last two years. It’s sturdy and smooth, and rode like a dream with a newborn infant in tow. Now that Seba is about 30 pounds, we noticed this stroller is not as practical as it once was. We don’t need the cupholders and basket underneath, and on our last flight, we had to check it, and then, for the first time, we realized the thing is over 30 pounds on its own. So, regardless of my mileage today, I feel it was not such a bad start to my week, considering I had 60 extra pounds of baggage to push around a lovely course. 🙂

After our morning out, we came home ready for a snack. Food. I’m lucky that my conversion to veganism hasn’t been difficult for me at all. I thought the pizza nights were going to go downhill, but I’ve been forced to be more creative. I wouldn’t say you’re left with fewer options as a vegan, or that you’re limited in any way. But because so many packaged foods have traces of dairy, I prefer to bring fresh produce and grains home and come up with something satisfying and, most of the time, healthy. (And I don’t want to be that annoying patron in a restaurant asking a million questions about the menu.) Anyway, I jumped on the “green” juice bandwagon. I’m using quotes because my juices aren’t always green, though they have lots of greens in them. And that alone, paired with a couple decent-length runs through the week, sure does a body good. Here comes the TMI moment. Wait for it… Okay, let’s just say my colon smiles much more regularly these days.

My juices consist of either spinach (two handfuls) or kale (two or three leaves, de-stemmed) and a mixture of fruit. Lately, because we have had so many growing the garden, it’s been mostly mango. They’re too sweet for me on their own, so I might use half a mango and half a frozen banana. And cranberries, because I can never have enough cranberries in my life. And I promise, you can’t taste the greens. Now, I made more of a veggie juice version a few days ago, and another one after that one was gone. The first had two kale leaves, two celery stalks, and a tiny bit of leftover mango and apple. I won’t lie. It was basically like drinking grass. So, I watered it down a lot and added some pineapple juice out of desperation. It was not the worst-tasting thing ever, at least. But then. Something wonderful happened. Usually when there are leftovers or wilting veggies, we throw them together and make a soup out of them. So, I took all those happy guys and threw them in my Magic Bullet (that’s the only blender we have at this point!) with quite a bit of water. I can’t even tell you what all might have been in there, but here are the ingredients I can remember: kale, celery, onion, tomato, raw garlic, zucchini (I think?), and black beans! I have had three glasses in the last two days and will probably have more before dinner. I’m crazy about raw garlic and lemon in most of my food, so it may be too strong for other people. Happy colon, happy colon! 🙂

The rest of my day thus far has been a cinnamon raisin bagel breakfast with peanut butter, some coffee and a biscotti.  Lunch was a cup of veggie juice, a little tabouleh, and a cup of guacamole. Then I had a cup of homemade granola with rice milk.  I’m not sure what adventures await us once Seba’s nap is over, but we may have to take a trip to the park for a trike ride!



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