Long Time Coming


This is the Alpha Post.  As the title of the blog suggests, I’m a mamá and a vegan.  I’ve spent over half my life as a vegetarian, and recently converted.  The future of this blog will become a collection of tips, mistakes, and educational resources I come across as I venture further into veganism and health food.  Obviously, I will be posting regular family updates as well, because I am a proud, proud mother of a toddler son.  I honestly try to keep my pride in check, but be warned that sometimes I gush.  The fitness component is there mostly to hold myself accountable to maintain an active lifestyle!

Back to business.  Here’s a little rundown about me regarding the food bit:  I’ve always been heavy.  Let’s just get this out there.  After my son, Sebastian, was born, I gradually lost about 40 pounds.  This had nothing to do with what I ate.  Really.  There are tons of overweight, unhealthy vegetarians out there.  I know, because I was one.  For me, like so many of you, going veg was a license to eat even more bread and cheese, not to mention processed foods and sodas.  I am still guilty of some of that, but I have made some major changes, and am finding myself choosing pure foods over unhealthy foods more and more.  In fact, I actually prefer them now.  It definitely took a little getting used to, and I’m still taking it a day at a time.

Now, for the weight loss bit.  When Seba was 6 months old, we moved to Honolulu.  I’ll be honest.  It’s pretty tough to not be active here.  There are the beaches, the hiking trails, and the amazing weather. Having lived in Florida before moving here, it was so easy to use the excuse that it was too hot to run, or that there were too many mosquitoes (or alligators!), or that I was exhausted from having an infant to care for.  Those excuses didn’t hold up over here, and as usual, my husband pushed me to get out and get some jogging in.  We had done two 5ks (one while I was pregnant, so I walked most of it), and they were a major feat for me.  It was my dream to complete a 10k, so we trained together, and in April of 2011, we did it.  One hour, 12 minutes.  I began loving running so much that I registered for a half marathon scheduled for November of 2011.  I started heading out on my own a little more, taking some early runs around Diamond Head, which has a couple pretty major inclines.  That’s when most of the weight started coming off.  So, at least for me, exercise is a major component of losing or maintaining weight.  Period.  After that race, I haven’t been keeping up with my runs, but I plan on doing so from here on out!

And that, friends, is what I’m all about.




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