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Let’s have a little fun with carob today! It was my husband’s birthday today, so I did what any doting wife would do.  I baked a cake. Two layers of ooey, gooey, carob-y goodness filled with homemade buttered caramel sauce.  And because the oven was already hot, I made a small batch of lemon chia … Continue reading


Eggs and I have had a tumultuous relationship over time.  As a girl, I’d only eat hard boiled egg whites because yolk was just too chalky.  Growing up, eggs were never my first choice of breakfast foods; even as an adult, I wouldn’t have chosen them over cereal! When I was in the beginning stages … Continue reading

Hold the Chitlins!

I’ve been out of the South for some time now, but there will always be certain “Southern” things about me. To the city folk, I’m not sure I’ve ever looked or sounded especially country, but there are the rare occasions where I might slip and say “y’all” or blurt out something full of country twang if … Continue reading


How was your weekend?  Ours was a whirlwind. Friday was pizza and a movie night, of course.  Pizza was our standard veggie, with half smothered in colby jack for the boys, and a delicious tahina concoction for moi.  Our movie of choice was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  I don’t recommend this movie, but I’m … Continue reading

Covering Old Ground

I run.  Slowly, but steadily.  And while I may never be the fastest or most graceful runner, I do it because it gets me through the night.  Running provides a release of all the tensions that mount up on my back as a stay-at-home mother and domestic goddess.  I will never say it’s easy; the … Continue reading



Life for us is unpredictable, not in the day-to-day, but out there on the not-so-distant horizon, we’re not sure whether we’re going to make a left, right, or full circle back to O’ahu.  Being on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific may sound great for a getaway, but it does have its … Continue reading

Desi Love

Honolulu has been pretty wet and chilly these last few days.  Some mornings, we enjoy a quick swim before the mister runs off to the office.  Not today.  We had good intentions, and we were packed up and heading out around 730, but by the time we drove through the park and saw the small … Continue reading

Happy Colon

A word, if I may, ladies and gents. If you want to amp up your running program, I suggest you add weight. Perhaps a small child and a bulky stroller? That was my brilliant plan this morning. Of course, the beach was gorgeous, and I ran along the coastline and back instead of completely around … Continue reading

Father’s Day Goods.

Today, I honor the dads.  I’m lucky enough to have two, and an amazing granddad on top of that!  And my husband, Seba’s papá, is an amazing dad, as well.  I had envisioned a grand spread for this morning, to spoil him a bit with banana pancakes and hot coffee, but the truth is, I … Continue reading

Long Time Coming

  This is the Alpha Post.  As the title of the blog suggests, I’m a mamá and a vegan.  I’ve spent over half my life as a vegetarian, and recently converted.  The future of this blog will become a collection of tips, mistakes, and educational resources I come across as I venture further into veganism and … Continue reading